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Blue Journal Album (CD / journal / photo book)

Blue Journal Album (CD / journal / photo book)

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Blue Journal is:
  • CD of 11 Ester Wiesnerova’s original compositions
  • Ecological journal of  64 pages, also functioning as booklet. Handmade by Karin Harmanova of KAROUCH
  • 46 exclusive photographs created by Laura Belisova, some featuring costumes by Monika Lacekova
  • Lyrics in English and Slovak designed into artistic graphics by Miriam Vysnovska

Ester Wiesnerova's critically acclaimed debut album was released in May 2022. Her music was recorded by a unique international quintet featuring jazz harp and percussion.

Sizes: box - 17 cm x 17 cm (6.7“ x 6.7“), journal - 15 cm x 15 cm (5.9“ x 5.9“)

Materials: 100% natural pilling-resistant felt, black thin rubber band, recycled paper


“Ester Wiesnerova emerges with her provocative and ambitious debut, Blue Journal. Wiesnerova combines a pleasing and inventive product packaging with a very clear and intelligible artistic direction, manifesting itself quietly and with great gravity… assured, informed and vulnerable. This is a debut? Well, watch out then.”

Michael C. Bailey, All About Jazz


„Exciting new voice in European jazz“ **** 

Editor's Choice album, Peter Quinn, Jazzwise, UK


„Her voice is like a warm, inviting, whispered breath as the poetic alluring lyrics are released into air.”

Raul da Gama, The Whole Note, CA



Vocals: Ester Wiesnerova

Saxophones and Clarinet: Sam Knight, UK

Harp: Charles Overton, USA

Double and Electric Bass: Michal Šelep, SK

Percussion: Kan Yanabe, JAP

Flute: Maria Rehakova, SK


Mix: Olle Romo, CH

Master: Jett Galindo, USA

Recording: Franz Schaden, AU

Recording studio: Wavegarden, AU 

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